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Ketchikan Dog Park


Pets need more than just love - they need your care!

Posted on October 24, 2013 at 5:27 PM
Recently our board members and volunteers were saddened to learn that a placement we made turned out to be a poor one. We discovered that one of our dogs was hit and killed on the highway after being allowed to run loose on more than one occasion. We all grieved for that sweet dog, whose second chance was wasted.
We try so hard to make sure that our rescues are placed in homes where they are not only loved, but cared for. There is a difference. One of the reasons we ask so many questions on our application form is to try to discern which homes can do both. Sometimes people think our questions are too personal. Is it our business who lives with you in your home, for instance? Yes, we think so. If someone staying with you has convictions for domestic violence or behavior which might negatively impact a placement, we want to know about that.
We ask for a letter from your landlord if you rent, because some people tell us they own their homes when they don't. They badly want a pet, they know their landlord bans them, and they hope to sneak one in under the radar. When the landlord finds out, as they inevitably do, what happens to the animal? It is rarely the owner who ends up homeless.
Lots of people without fenced yards do a great job managing their pets. You don't have to have a fenced yard to adopt from us. But we will ask you what your plan is for keeping your pet safe. In the case of our recent loss, we were told the dog would never be off leash outdoors unless it was in an area under the stairs which would be fenced for it. It sounded like a good plan. It would have been, had it been followed.
Accidents happen. We're sure the owners are sad about the loss of their dog. We wish more proactive steps had been taken to keep this from happening, because this loss does not just impact the owner. It impacted the driver who hit the dog and the other driver who witnessed it. They were frantic as they drove to the veterinarian and devastated when the dog died in the truck on the way. The staff of the clinic, who knew and cared for the dog, were saddened. The board member who fostered the dog and delivered it to the new owners is deeply saddened.
Second chances are precious things. We wish this one had been permanent.

Categories: Rescues