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Ketchikan Dog Park


Rest in Peace

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 1:15 PM
Every animal we get at Ketchikan Humane Society is special.  Occasionally, we get an animal that touches our hearts on a deeper level.
Such an animal was surrendered to us last Tuesday.  In his short life, no one noticed this small puppy had a very serious birth defect.  He was born without an anal opening.  He went 17 days without medical attention after his “people” realized he was not pooping.  All KHS could do was try to correct his birth defect and ease his pain once he was ours.   Sadly, his little body had been stressed to the limits and he didn’t survive.
His death hit everyone who had tried to help him at KHS very hard.  Some of us still think of him and cry days later.  He rests in a peaceful place and his memory  inspires us to continue working hard to help animals in need through education and intervention in Southern Southeast Alaska.

Categories: Rescues